Special projects


Design and construction special equipment and machineries tailored on specific Customer’s requirements

Phox Industrial Plants & Automation is able to design and construct special equipment and machineries tailored on specific Customer’s requirements. 

They meet particular technical needs, not just in the field of Galvanics.


Ancillary Systems

We provide and automate systems for:


  • industrial fluid treatment
  • waste water treatment
  • industrial air treatment (scrubbers, ventilation)

Customized solutions

We design and build equipments that can solve specific Customers’ issues such as:


  • Desiccant dryer systems  with automated hygrometric control of liquid density

  • Pharma use distillers

  • Translation devices / Handling systems 1D, 2D, 3D for galvanic line bars movement

  • Loading Systems

  • Zinc dissolution Systems


Upon Customer request,  Phox Industrial & Automation provides personalized Maintenance services:


  • Electromechanical Devices Upgrade

  • Tanks Replacement

  • Automated Hoists Replacement 

  • Special Piping

  • Containment Basins



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