Industrial plants


Galvanic Surface Treatment Plants

Company’s main activity is designing & erection of new industrial plants along with the development of the automation SW involved, in the field of galvanic/chemical surface treatments. 


In the same sector we take care of the revamping of existing installations as well, to turn them into reliable and efficient Lines


We provide quality maintenance and technical assistance services, spare parts supply:

we rely on our multi-year experience, and on a very experienced team of experts and engineers with extensive knowledge in Galvanic Lines Design and Implementation technologies, as well as in special machinery construction (e.g. lifting and handling, oleodynamic and oleopneumatic solutions).


Trivalent chrome

Phox srl integrates the most recent innovations in the trivalent chromium sector into its projects, operating both in the field of completely new systems, as well as in that one - more complex - of the introduction of new technologies in already mature system configurations.

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Cooper nickel chrome plant

Phox srl manufactures complete copper-nickel-chrome systems designed to work on carbon steel, stainless steel, Zamak alloys and brass for various sectors such as: automotive, mechanics, taps, accessories.

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Thick chrome

Phox srl carries out the tailor-made design of thick chromium technical systems in the delicate sectors of roto-graphics and mechanics.

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Plating on plastics

These plants carry out the metallization of the plastic and the subsequent finishing. They operate mainly in the automotive, sanitary and accessories sectors.Phox srl has focused its engineering attention on processes related to the improvements on POP plants,especially on the introduction of Chrome VI - free treatments in the areas of etching and finishing. Phox software handles up to 12 hoists and 20 different sequences on one of its major POP plants.

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Posphating and burnishing

In these legacy heavy treatments, the robustness of Phox equipment and its control system fully demonstrates all its validity and its modernization ability.

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Rinsing plants

Particular attention is given to the design and construction of rinsing systems with ultrasounds and demi or ultrademi water. These small systems - completely in stainless steel - are used in the final post-galvanic stage of particularly delicate pieces or as preparation for subsequent application of PVD processes.

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Waste water treatments

The skills of Phox srl allow the engineering of water flows and the supply of "tailor made" waste water treatment systems to integrate the supplied galvanic systems.

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Zink coatings

Phox srl designs and manufactures complete rack and barrel systems for acid and alkaline zink  and zinc-nickel.

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Electroless nickel

This process is made by Phox both as an intermediate step in the metallization of plastic and as a surface hardening treatment (nickel phosphide).

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Plants for precious metals / glass frames

For this sector Phox mainly manufactures manual systems (but not only) based on small tanks, customized to the maximum, for granting operators maximum flexibility, ergonomics and safety during work.

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