Design of Robotic Cells and Systems for Industrial Applications

We design Robotic Cells and Systems for Industrial Applications, 
defining the most suitable HW configuration and developing the SW application needed to appropriately move the robot.

We are also involved in integration activities aimed to implement a consistent interaction with rest of Hardware, robots, machine vision and data capture systems.



Phox Industrial & Automation, leveraging its strategic partnerships with renowned players, developed a robotic cell for  loading the parts to be treated on galvanic frames:


  • 2 Staubli robots with appropriate mechanical handling (grippers)

  • 2 Cameras (Sick , Cognex) with computer vision application

  • Belts, shafts, photocells, proximity sensors for movement

  • Safety Devices

  • PLC for parts coordination

  • User Interface


Starting with this technological platform we are able to develop more «robot based» fully automated applications.

Predictive Maintenance

Phox Industrial & Automation develops innovative techniques using data analysis to detect anomalies during operation and possible defects in order to fix them before they result in failure:


  • Artificial Intelligence Data Analysis tools taking into account mechanical vibration parameters and other factors to identify possible vulnerabilities concerning engines, pumps (condition monitoring)

  • Sstdr technology based application (analyzing broad spectrum electrical reflection) to identify interruptions or arc flash affecting cables

  • We develop these technologies in cooperation with «Digital Industry» division of Bruno Kessler Foundation.

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